Saturday, July 7, 2012

CHILLBRAVE - Vengeance Valley

4 DMGS. Seriously. Four actual gameboys made this song. Written by a mixture of Kedromelon and Popstar. This song is just too rad to really describe accuratley. It's not often when really really good electro comes out, but this really nails it. Talking to Kedromelon about the process, he says it was really hard to get good compromises, especially because their styles are so different. Kedromelon is all electro and dancey and punchy and full of technical prowess, and Popstar's all about those long notes and basically what Kedromelon isn't. The track is fueled by two totally different artists coming together in harmony, on this incredibly ballin track. 

The intro is long, but sooooo worth it. The first drop is where it's at. From then on, you're just getting pure goodness out of it. Seriously, this thing is such a ridiculous release. Love it. It's worth a full listen, so:


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